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Practical Information and Faculty

Practical Information

DSATC is a three day course with both interactive lectures and skills labs. 


The course fee is DKK 11.729 (1.575 EUR) Prepaid and includes: course manual, light breakfast, lunch and coffee during course and one course dinner.


Accomodation is at own expense but coordinator will be happy to help with booking if necessary.

For location and course dinner click here

If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to contact course coordinator:

Rune Strandby (


Course Director Jens Hillingsø  Head of dept. Consultant Surgeon, GI Surgery 


International Faculty

4 or 5 international faculty instructors  


National Faculty

Mads Carstensen  Consultant Surgeon, Vascular Surgery

Henrik Vad, Consultant Surgeon, Thorax Surgery

Upender Martin Singh  Head of Trauma, Orthopedic Surgery

Mikkel Taudorf, Consultant Radiologist

Emma Possfelt-Møller  Staff Specialist, GI Surgery 

Morten Laksáfoss Lauritsen, Consultant Surgeon, GI Surgery

Jakob Stensballe  Consultant Anaesthesiologist 

Jacob Steinmetz  Consultant Anaesthesiologist

Jonathan White  Consultant Anaesthesiologist 

Jesper Dirks  Consultant Anaesthesiologist 

Anne Cathrine Haug Consultant Anaesthesiologist


Course Coordinator Rune Strandby M.D.  

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