The Value of DSATC

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Kurset omhandler Damage Control Surgery & Resuscitation & Anaesthesia - er for både kirurger og anæstesilæger, i hoveduddannelse eller som speciallæger, og tager udgangspunkt i teamwork, state of the art teori, fysiologi og traumatologi, som kombineres i diskussionsoplæg, cases og 3 praktiske fullscale operations- og resuscitations-øvelser på fuldbedøvede multitraumatiserede grise.

Du kan lære at:

- være klar til selv de mest udfordrende mulittraume patienter

- håndtere de massivt blødende patienter i modtagelsen og på operationsstuen

- sikre en god damage control behandling med glidende overgange ml. modtagelse, operation og intensivt terapi afsnit

Hvordan har vores kursister evalueret os (ud fra svar 2014-):

- De føler sig langt bedre forberedt og klar til at modtage svære multitraume (> 90 %)

- De praktiske operationsøvelse vurderes meget udbytterige/uundværlige af 100 % (KIR og AN)

- Kurset som helhed opfattes som meget udbytterigt/uundværligt af 100 % af kursisterne (KIR og AN)

- Kursisterne anbefaler kurset 100 % og > 85% vil gerne gentage kurset.

English version:

The course deals with Damage Control Surgery & Resuscitation & Anaesthesia - is for both surgeons and anesthetists, in main training or as a specialist doctor, and is based on teamwork, state of the art theory, physiology and traumatology, which are combined in discussion papers, cases and 3 practical fullscale surgical and resuscitation exercises on fully anesthetized multitraumatized pigs.

You can learn how to:

- be ready for even the most challenging mulitrauma patients

- handle the massively bleeding patients in the ER and OR

- ensure good damage control treatment with sliding transitions between admission in ER, surgery and intensive therapy section.

How have our students evaluated us (based on answers 2014-):

- They feel much better prepared and ready to receive severe multitrauma (> 90%)

- The practical surgical exercise is considered very productive / essential by 100% (Surgeons and AN)

- The course as a whole is perceived as very rewarding / irreplaceable by 100% of the students (Surgeons and AN)

- The students recommend the course 100% and more than 85% would like to repeat the course.



DSTC is an international course created by  IATSIC (International Association for Trauma Surgery and Intensive Care)  to improve the outcome of  trauma patients  with multiple injuries.

DSTC Denmark is a non-profit organisation placed under the Danish Surgical Society.       

  • DSTC is a response to the lack of written material and teaching on strategic issues of resuscitation, early definitive care, and surgical priorities. It assumes all of the ATLS® principles and builds on them.

  • Trauma care is more than surgery and In 2010 the DSTC course in Denmark added an "A" and became DSATC "Definitive Surgery and Anaesthesia in Trauma Care"

  • "Sharing the surgical, anaesthesiological and intensivist content, trauma care is taken to the next level."

  • During the course anesthetists and surgeons work together as real trauma teams and the curriculum are of high interest for both specialities.